Advisory services in R&D financing

We offer advisory  services in R&D&I financing and commercialisation of research results for companies and scientific units.

Our consulting services cover:

  1. Commercialisation of research results including:
  • management of the technology portfolio,
  • pre-implementation works,
  • brokering of innovation.
  1. Acquisition of public co-financing for R&D projects, including:
  • assistance in formulating the scope of the project,
  • selection of the consortium composition,
  • selection of the best source of financing,
  • preparation of the required tender/call documentation, timely submission.
  1. Accounting and reporting: controlling the project execution at the financial level,
  • controlling the correctness of the accounting records and financial data archives,
  • preparing payment applications on behalf of the beneficiary,
  • coordinating the fulfillment of other obligations specified in the grant agreement,
  • proper accounting of the project,
  • participation in the audit connected with the performance of the grant agreement.

We look forward to cooperate with you!