Support for PIAP’s exports on Eurasian markets

The participation in the ‘Eurasia Rail 2014’ industrial fair held in Turkey was supposed to find new clients outside Poland, on Eurasian markets, and to establish B2B collaboration with companies dealing with manufacture, upgrade and repair of rail vehicles. The participation in the ‘Eurasia Rail’ made it possible to present activities and achievements of the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP) and forward offers to prospective clients operating in the railroad industry on Eurasian markets. By experiencing exhibits produced specifically for the fair, clients could get familiar with functional speed and distance registration systems (tachographs) for railroad operators.  These activities translated into better awareness of the existence of PIAP and its solutions for railroads.

The following have been planned as part of the project:

  • Preparation of printed matter for distribution;
  • Preparation of fair exhibits in the form of working systems;
  • Preparation of a plan for the layout of the stand;
  • Shipping of printed matter for distribution and exhibits to the destination;
  • Assignment of two persons for the duration of the fair.

The stand provided for an extensive promotion of the tachographs. These activities are a part of the PIAP’s export development strategy concerning direct contacts with prospective commercial partners, participation in fairs and planned sales of tachographs in Turkey and Ukraine.

Program name: ‘Innovative Economy’ Operating Program 2007-2013 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund;  Priority Axis 6 (‘Polish economy on the international market’), Action 6.5 (‘Promotion of the Polish economy’), Sub-action 6.5.2 (‘Support for participation of companies in promotion programs’). 

Project implementation timeframe: 17/07/2012 – 07/04/2014

Contract number: POIG.06.05.02-00-688/1-00

Project budget: PLN 61,746

Amount of subsidy: PLN 37,650