Quality for Small and Medium Enterprises

Program ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, contract number: 2009-1-PL-1-LEO05-05035, project budget: EUR 362,191,79

Implementation timeframe: 11/2009 –  01/2012

Coordinator: Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP), Poland

Project purposes: Quality of a product can be defined as ever-evolving perception of its value (not necessarily tangible) by the user. This perception is not static or fixed. Rather, it is a fluid process that evolves with modernization of the product (addition of innovations) and with the coming of alternatives (competition) as a reference for comparison. 

The main purpose of the program was to transfer and adapt innovative results of previous projects ISAR, AMI4SME) and combining them in order to develop a new training solution the leading subject of which is broadly defined quality in SMEs.

From technical point of view, the goal of the project was to transfer and adapt the IT system developed as part of the ‘LdV-ISAR’ project.  The project was focused on delivering a unified teaching content suitable for different EU regions and states an in different manufacturing sectors. To provide advanced teaching solutions, solutions and methods for application of the ambient intelligence technologies at SMES developed as part of the AMI4SME project were transferred to the e-learning environment. Note that the transfer was multi-dimensional: the outputs of the ‘ISAR’ and ‘AMI4SME’ projects were merged into a single innovative product. The content of courses prepared PIAP and ATB as part of the ‘ISAR’ project was transferred to Spain. In parallel, the knowledge developed by ATB and CARSA under the ‘AMI4SME’ project will be shared with Poland and Slovakia.

Project Web site: www.q4sme.pl


  • Instytut fur Angewendte Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH – ATB, Germany
  • Association for Innovation and Development – ASTRA, Slovakia
  • Consultores de Automatization y Robotica, S.A. – CARSA, Spain