Monitoring and forecasting priority innovative technologies for sustainable development of the Mazovian Province

Program name: Sectoral Operating Program Improvement of competitiveness of companies, Action 1.4: Strengthening of collaboration between R&D sector and the business, Sub-action 1.4.5: Research projects in the area of monitoring and anticipating technological developments.

Project implementation timeframe: 01/07/2006 –  30/06/2008

Project purposes: The goal of the product was to identify leading technologies of strategic significance, the development of which in the next 20 years will be a priority for the Mazovian Province, and to develop scenarios for this development by application of structured research methodology. 

The essence of the research as part of the project was the application of a uniform structured methodology in relation to diverse areas covering strictly technical matters and addressing social sciences to a larger extent. 

The development work of the project focused on:

  • Development of forecasts of technological development in the field of ‘sustainable development’, in the following areas: Quality of life, energy, environment, technologies for environmental protection, natural resources and new materials, economic growth and infrastructure;
  • Development of IT solutions in support of monitoring and forecasting of priority directions of development of technologies and tools for research result processing (a system of on-line questionnaire forms for completion by experts, database platforms).