Sustainable Management of Water Resources by Automated Real-Time Monitoring

6th Framework Program, contract number:  SUSTDEV-2003-3.II.3.3.a – 505329, project budget: EUR 3,475,818

Implementation timeframe: 06/2004 – 12/2007

Coordinator: British Geological Survey, UK

Project purposes: The goal of the project is to develop innovative technologies for management of water resources. The project developed a new method for monitoring and managing ground water resources taking account of climate changes, sea level changes, anthropogenic pollution and early warning against threats to the economy and ecosystems.


  • Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark 
  • University of Almeria, Spain 
  • Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium 
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 
  • Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP), Poland 
  • ESCO Sp. z o.o., Poland 
  • Geotomographie, Germany 
  • Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech, Morocco