Logometryczne wskaźniki prędkości (fot. PIAP)

Tachographs for railway vehicles

PIAP’s TC–XXXP electronic tachographs for measuring and recording railway vehicle speed, current time and distance travelled. TC-XXXP tachographs can also record two-state signals and analogue signals from the on-board devices and equipment, e.g. door closing, braking and other and may generate signals based on the events occurring in the vehicle, e.g. exceeded threshold values or distance travelled by closing local or external relays.

Tachograf elektroniczny typu TC–XXXP (fot. PIAP)
Przykładowy pulpit zrealizowany w oparciu o panelowy komputer przemysłowy (fot. PIAP)

Optional satellite navigation module allows to record the geographic position of the vehicle and its speed based on the satellite navigation system data and synchronize date and time in the tachograph with the satellite navigation signal.

The speed is recorded up to 400 km/h and independent from the on-board tachometers.

The equipment can be used to create advanced telemetric data recording systems in railway vehicles and can be integrated with the on-board control systems.   The system can be expanded with auxiliary modules connected to a CAN bus.

The system allows quick and easy diagnostics by connecting a USB TC-XXXP-monitor module to track all the process data available on the tachograph bus (i.e. CPU and distributed module parameters) via a PC connected to the system.

All relevant information with a time stamp are recorded in continuous mode in the PIAP’s TC-XXXP-Data Recorder module.  Available signals:

  • vehicle speed,
  • distance travelled,
  • analogue signals,
  • pulse signals,

internal CPU and distributed input and output states, and – with a satellite navigation module – a geographic position and speed of the vehicle based on the satellite navigation data.


Ulotka Tachograf TXXXP-mp

Ulotka Tachograf TC-XXXP