Zrobotyzowane stanowisko paletyzacji i depaletyzacji (PIAP)

Robotic palletising and depalletising stations

 Robotic equipment for palletising and depalletising significantly increase the manufacturing capabilities of your plant. 

Roboty KUKA Roboter (PIAP)

Palletising and depalletising stations increase the packaging quality, repeatability, safety and stability of the process. An application fitted with a robot, e.g. in combination with the wrapper reduces palletising and depalletising cycle time, optimises the entire process and reduces the required space.  

Robotic equipment – compared to the conventional machines – takes much less space, improves work speed and facilitates changes of the product range further reducing the investment costs. Robotisation also reduces the risk of packaging damage during gripping, handling and positioning and improves the workplace health and safety standards.

The robotic equipment also perform well in difficult ambient conditions, e.g. at low temperature, high dustiness etc.