Zrobotyzowane stanowiska montażu (PIAP)

Robotic assembly stations

Dedicated, robotic or automatic assembly stations are a response to the growing market demand to increase the efficiency while maintaining production repeatability.

The assembly stations can be fitted with industrial robots or can be used as independent automatic stations. As a company with 50 years of tradition, PIAL works together with and implements products by leading robot manufacturers including ABB, KUKA, Comau and Fanuc. As an innovator on the local market in co-robotics – cooperation of robots and humans – we have successfully introduced solutions involving robots cooperating directly with humans.

The assembly stations fitted with dedicated grippers, actuators and process equipment provide the highest quality and precision of the assembly process.

The assembly involves an ongoing monitoring to determine forces, moments and other key parameters. To guarantee the correct assembly process, our stations can be equipped with built-in or external visual systems.