Production supported by Łukasiewicz -PIAP Institute

Łukasiewicz -PIAP Institute offers integration services in the area of manufacturing automation and robotization.  


Due to the digital transformation, manufacturing companies face new, often difficult challenges – implementing solutions and tools in the area of manufacturing automation, robotization and digitalization becomes the most prevalent. What is more, the current restrictions and economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic hinder the implementation of these tasks. In the nearest future, when gradual return to full production capacity will become the top priority, professional support of a competent and well experienced business partner will be of great importance and value. Collaboration with the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP may ensure such support.  

Łukasiewicz -PIAP Institute is the leading integrator in the area of manufacturing automation and robotization solutions. The Institute boasts over 50 years’ experience in supporting companies in the area of enhancing quality control as well as production capacity and maintenance. The experts at the Łukasiewicz-PIAP Institute conduct analyses concerning the capacity and potential of the customer’s production systems in relation to their automation and robotization and then provide optimal solutions in these areas. It provides answers to numerous difficult questions, for instance:

  • How can automation and robotization of processes effectively ensure stable production continuity and efficiency?
  • How to apply for the EU funding for investments in developing advanced production systems?
  • How to address the escalating demands in providing flexibility to the production system and how to prepare it for the change of the production method?
  • Are second-hand robots worth implementing to optimize the costs of the company’s automation?
  • How can automation and robotization boost the morale of the employees?
  • How can a robot make the employees’ work easier and thus boost their productivity?

Please feel encouraged to contact our experts:

Łukasz Wojtczak

e-mail: lukasz.wojtczak@piap.lukasiewicz.gov.pl

phone: 601 225 289

(EU funding to support companies; robotization and automation of companies and production lines)

Marcin Pilip

e-mail: marcin.pilip@piap.lukasiewicz.gov.pl

phone: 605 327 783

(projects in robotic and automatic welding, palletising, packaging, operating machinery and more)