LITTLE INVENTORS – nursery and preschool for the adventurous

This spring, a nursery class was created in our LITTLE INVENTORS preschool as part of our great benefit offer for PIAP employees. The Institute offers comprehensive care and education for our youngest children and helps parents to return to work and balance work and family life.



LITTLE INVENTORS preschool was established in 2011 on the initiative of the employees of the Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP. In 2012, the Institute was honoured in a “Mum Friendly Company” poll organised by monthly magazines “Dziecko” and “Poradnik Domowy” for supporting parents in balancing work and family life.

At the beginning, LITTLE INVENTORS was a preschool and an alternative care group, today  we have created a new preschool class and a nursery class. Supporting parents in stress-free return to work at the end of maternity leave and balancing work and family life are, apart from children education, the main reasons LITTLE INVENTORS preschool was created. With the nursery and preschool located at the PIAP premises, the parents have even more time for themselves. Working hours of the preschool are matched to the working hours of our employees. Both children and parents can feel safe and know they are close to each other at all times. PIAP employees using LITTLE INVENTORS preschool will receive childcare vouchers for using the preschool and the nursery.


Curriculum and extracurricular activities

Our teaching staff offers exceptional safety, education and care. We aim at providing your children with the best conditions for playing and development. The teaching staff inspires children to emotionally gain new knowledge and skills with the aim to bring up active and independent children.

In a preschool class, the children are taught reading with the Glenn Doman method. Due to the nature of the Institute, the curriculum includes science-focused practical and technical activities. As part of LEGO WeDo program, the children can even build robots. Our preschoolers are also challenged with maths puzzles including special activities to prepare them to learn maths in a primary school. Many school trips will give children the opportunity to visit museums, theatres and other interesting places.

To ensure the best development of your children, LITTLE INVENTORS preschool offers many extracurricular activities:

  • sports – eurhythmics, corrective gymnastics, modern dance, karate,
  • language – speech therapy, English,
  • manual – ceramics,
  • activities with a psychologist.
Nursery and preschool recruitment

LITTLE INVENTORS preschool was created mainly for the Institute employees, however, we also accept children from outside the company . If you’re interested, contact our teaching staff lead by Ms Ewa Radomska, LITTLE INVENTORS preschool manager. The recruitment is open all year around.

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Ewa Radomska

LITTLE INVENTORS preschool manager

phone 22 874 02 74
e-mail: eradomska@piap.pl