The naming of Room #1 of the Conference Centre after Professor Tadeusz Missala

There was a rare ceremony held at the Conference Centre of the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP) on January 20, 2017: Room #1 of the Centre was named after Professor Engineer Tadeusz Missala, Sc.D., and a commemorative board was unveiled to commemorate him and his achievements.

The date was not random: the preceding day was the first anniversary of the passing away of the Professor who worked with our Institute for almost one half of the century and was a senior member of the PIAP’s research team.

The meeting had a very warm, almost family, ambiance. It was attended by relatives of the Professor, current and former personnel of the Institute and others who had the honour of meeting him during their professional or research careers. There were solemn, touching and more cheerful moments coloured by anecdotes from the life of the Professor and his fellow workers. A mentor, inspiring co-worker, unforgettable Scout leader and a man with passion who always found time to support others – this was the tone of opinions voiced about Professor Tadeusz Missala during the ceremony.

The personality of the Professor and the many forms of his research and other activity, inside and outside the Institute, were recalled by his fellow workers including representatives of PIAP – Prof. Eng. Piotr Szynkarczyk, Sc.D., Director, Eng. Jan Jabłkowski, Sc.D., Prof. Eng. Jacek Korytkowski, Sc.D.,, Eng. Marian Wrzesień, Sc.D., and Eng. Zygmunt Warsza, Sc.D. – and persons from outside of the Institute – Ms Wanda Rowińska-Kośnik from the Polish Standardization Committee and Prof. Zdzisław Kowalczuk, President of the Polish Society for Measurement, Automation and Robotics (POLSPAR). Also the family of the Professor could not miss the meeting: Mr Maciej Missaga, the youngest son, gave an emotional speech on their behalf, thanking everyone for honouring his dad.

The formal meeting concluded with a ceremonial unveiling of the board in Room 1 by members of family of the Professor. Then, the party moved to the lobby for more private conversations and recollections.