Security and defence

Challenges faced by public security and national defence forces in the 21st century require innovative solutions that integrate the latest technologies available on the market. Our longstanding experience allows us to build and implement complex system solutions in the area of security.

For many years we have provided solutions for:

  • Army,
  • Police,
  • Border Guards,
  • Fire Fighters
  • and the forces responsible for security, crisis management and civil protection.

We strive to ensure that solutions developed in PIAP are of the highest quality and that they are tailored to the specific needs of the work performed by the above-mentioned services.

In order to meet the expectations of our Clients, we are constantly expanding our offer. Currently it encompasses:

  • mobile robots for special applications including accessories,
  • devices and vehicles for special purposes,
  • CBRN accessories.

We provide after-sales support, trainings on equipment’s tactics of use and service. We are ready to modify any of our solutions to meet the suggestions and needs of our Clients.