III Noc Robotów PIAP (fot. PIAP)

Automation and robotisation of production processes

Robotisation and automation of manufacturing systems is a growing trend for the production companies. In response to the demand in this area, we offer, in one place, a comprehensive support from the design to development and installation of automated and robotic production workstations and sites.

Automation and robotisation of production processes is a service provided by the high-end professionals. Execution of the project, starting from the concept, through preparation of the technical documentation, to the development, installation and implementation of the workstation or site in the production cycle requires knowledge, experience and listening to the Client needs. Such co-operation enables the final result of the joint project to meet the requirements of the production tasks assigned to it.

The experienced team of engineers and designers provides the technical background and the machining department provides the technical capabilities for the implementation of various, even the most demanding, automation and robotisation projects. We remain at the Client’s disposal for cooperation in the field of optimisation of production processes:

  • palletising, depalletising,
  • welding, chamfering (including plasma chamfering),
  • installation, transfer,
  • transport between operations,
  • packaging,
  • weighing and dosing,
  • as well as painting, polishing and many more.

The website provides an overview of this area of ​​PIAP’s activities and videos from the realisations show the installations in operation.