Mobile robots influence on people’s collective behaviour

The main objective of the project was to examine the collective behaviour and reactions of people to the mobile robot using the camera with an intelligent image analisys.

Wpływ robotów mobilnych na zbiorowe zachowanie ludzi (fot. PIAP)

The main assumption of the project was that the introduction of a mobile robot into a human environment of an accidental crowd capacity, will cause change of people’s behaviour, both for each individual and for all of the tested population, as a result of the direct contact with the mobile robot. The project included an innovative approach as the state-of-the-art technologies for digital image processing were used to conduct the research in social sciences.

The aim of the research was to create a dynamic model in a numerical form (graph, simulation) of the crowd in a direct contact with a mobile robot.

Owing to the IAO system, it was possible to obtain the necessary data (eg. size, speed, density, direction of movement and flow, speed of individuals) in real time to represent the numerical model of the crowd.

Period of realisation: 01.03.2010 – 28.02.2011