RobWeld Super-MIG®

Robotized Welding with use of New Generation of Hybrid System  based on Super-Heavy Duty (“SHD”) Super-MIG® concept

Polish and Israeli contest for R&D projects, contract number: E!II/PL-IL/05/02/2013, budget: EUR 1,980,000.00

Implementation timeframe: 01/03/2013 –  30/06/2016

Coordinator: Plasma Laser Technologies Ltd., Israel

Project purposes: The aim of the project was to prepare a new generation of the innovative, robotized welding cell, as a product ready for application, which will be offered to the customers in Poland, Israel, the European Union and elsewhere. Innovativeness of the Super-MIG® welding technology developed by the Israeli partner, PLT, as well as knowledge, competences and experience of the Polish partner, PIAP, in robotisation of industrial processes, including welding, and knowledge of the other Polish partner, Supra Elco, on advanced welding technologies and the European market, will determine the market potential of the project deliverable. These complementary inputs from the partners will be the source of the added value of the project and its results.


  • SUPRA ELCO Jacek Szulc, Poland
  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP), Poland