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Main directions of scientific and research activity

Main directions of scientific and research works in PIAP focus on the subject of modern mechatronic systems, intelligent systems of industrial automation and robotics, including mobile robots as well as application of various communication technologies. We execute projects related to monitoring and control of separated facilities by means of satellite communication.

Among the works related to robotization of processes, a significant part contains joining (welding, gluing). We prepare specialized technological devices as well as internal transportation systems.

As far as measurement technology is concerned, we are specialized in systems for automatic quality control. Equipment using visual inspection are important part of PIAP designs.

We also execute works related to recycling of cars and household goods and appliances.

We cooperate with academic centres and R&D units in Poland.

We participate in international programmes including framework programmes of European Union. The works relate mainly to solutions of land and sea transport safety and designing modern installations for automated production of electronic devices.

Irrespective of research works, PIAP performs a lot of trainings concerning the above mentioned subjects.

We publish the monthly entitled Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka PAR (Measurements Automation Robotics).

We also organize Science and Technology Conference AUTOMATION and co-organize International Fair of Automation and Measurements AUTOMATICON.