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Industrial robots mean great precision of executed operation, realization of tasks that cannot be executed by man, such as: operation in chemically hazardous environment, transport of heavy elements and optimum usage of space.

PIAP has many years of experience in the field of robotization, which enables us to offer realization of complex projects, starting with:

  • analysis of opportunities of automation in technical and economical aspects,
  • drawing up of design,
  • selection of the best elements and components guaranteeing high level of reliability of the final product,
  • execution and start-up of the system,
  • training of personnel operating installed equipment,
  • ending with guarantee and post-guarantee service.

Various technologies are realized on our robotized work stations, including:

  • welding and joining,
  • chamfering of sheets,
  • palletization and depalletization,
  • trimming and polishing,
  • coating,
  • operation of machines in production sockets,
  • transport between operation facilities


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