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We specialize in design and production of industrial manipulators and buffering devices performing inter-operation transportation and handling between devices operating at various production cycles.

Our equipment performs the following operations:

  • Taking over a product from a transporting device with continuous or indexed motion,
  • Separation of good and bad products,
  • Storage in a buffer of good products surplus,
  • Transfer of good products between consecutive operations.

Modernization of machines, production cells, and production lines

We have been performing modernization works on existing machinery for many years.

Modernization work scope covers usually:

  • Replacement of control systems, and installing of programmable industrial controllers,
  • Replacement of drive systems for velocity or position control servomechanisms,
  • Replacement of worn moving components,
  • Equipping machines with additional accessories and software for controller and drives to ensure higher flexibility of production,
  • Adaptation of machines for automation or robotization of loading and unloading operations, and their incorporation into the integrated manufacturing systems structure,
  • Providing machines with equipment for monitoring of operational parameters and signaling failures.

Automation of industrial processes of weighing and proportioning of raw materials.

We design, build, set up and perform commissioning of cells and lines for automatic weighing and batching of raw materials of blends. We design and provide software for microprocessor-based control systems for weighing machines with correction of weighed batches, process visualization, recording and balancing.

We make a choice of optimum technology of batching or continuous weighing of any raw material for glass-making and chemical industry as well as plastics industry.


Sales and Marketing

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Industrial control and measuring systems

Our offer includes stations and systems for process measurements, quality control and testing of finished products.